In its simplest terms, we move our bodies, we drink lots of water and we eat vegetables (and a few eggs…)

But how we do this is WONDERFUL.

…we hike through some beautiful naturescapes

…we bond with other hiking high achievers and share amazing experiences

…we breathe, sweat, and connect with our bodies

…we encourage our mind-self to be more capable because we experience how much more our body-self is capable of

…we drink tea and coffee, but they are the cleanest, organic and best-sourced beverages you can find

…we bless our bodies with an incredible, restorative massage every day

…we encourage our human biome to balance itself through health-supporting actions, health-supporting intakes, and placing ourselves in health-supporting environments

…we eat gourmet, flavorful, body-balancing and satiating meals created by a renowned chef

…we hang out with some incredible, like-minded, soul searchers

…we learn about how a simple week-long experience can change our lives in the beautiful Berkshires